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Hey good morning. 

No, of course it’s OK that you’re late, so I mean, it’s just my time, right? 

Don’t be such a softie. 

I can’t even tease you about being late. 

I know you’d have been on time if it weren’t for traffic. 

No, it has been a while. 

I’ve been busy and you’re getting ready to go. 

Gallivanting around the world. 

Are you ready for your big trip? 

At least you’re not abandoning me for something trivial. 

You heard me, you’re abandoning me. 

I have to. 

Sit here and wait for you to come back before I. 

Get any shoots done. 

You know, several magazines are very annoyed with you. 

No, I’m pretty sure they’re annoyed with you. 

What do you mean? 

I’m a diva. 

Hey, you should be grateful that I only want. 

To shoot with you. 

Oh please, like I’m the only model out there that has a preference in who she works with. 

Oh, so now you’re too busy for me. 

I am very hot right now and as long as I can get shoots with the photographer. 

I’m sure isn’t a total pervert. 

I’ll take them. 

And besides, it’s not like they can. 

Get the same level of quality anyway. 

What nothing? 

If mind your own business. 

Why don’t you go set your gear up while I go change? 

If you think you can manage. 

All right, I’m ready. 

Did you manage to? 

Get set up. 

Good, I can finally get started. 

Now give me that look. 

You can tell something wrong. 

You’re not giving me poses or anything. 

What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? 

Yes, this is the outfit for today’s shoot. 

Why else would. 

I have it on. 

Oh please, it is not. 

It’s definitely cute. 

No, it’s cute. 

Then what did you mean? 

What do you mean it’s not innocent enough? 

This is still totally innocent. 

Of course you can see my thighs. 

That doesn’t mean it’s not like innocent. 

Oh please, just ’cause. 

You’ve got some perverted thoughts going on. 

Oh, you heard me. 

This outfit is fine. 

The black shorts are not too short. 

Usually you are just thinking thoughts that you shouldn’t be thinking. 

Just start taking pictures already. 

Thank you. 

My God. 

What’s wrong now? 

Now you have. 

That look when you need me to change something, but you don’t want to tell me. 

Oh my God, just. 

Speak up already. 

I am not being extra difficult today. 

And what do you mean extra? 

I’m a delight to work with. 

Just tell me already. 

What’s wrong with my look? 

I’m ******* my nut shut up. 

I’m the model in case you’ve forgotten, my job is to look attractive and part of. 

That is my face. 

Would you prefer I look bored or annoyed? 

Because it wouldn’t be very hard right now. 

Would you stop it? 

Nothing wrong. 

I’m not upset, I’m just. 

Trying to do this shoot properly. 

Maybe you’re just not invested anymore. 

Look, I don’t know how things. 

Will be on your wonderful travels to far off places, but this is. 

Just how a. 

Model looks here, and that’s my job. 

Wait, I know, I know. 

This is supposed to be a cute. 

Shoot, it is not. 

It is too innocent. 

Excuse me, I am not. 

I ******* the camera. 

Get your mind out. 

Of the gutter cheese. 

Just take your. 

Freaking pictures. 

What’s going? What’s going on? 

Do we already have enough? 

There’s no way. 

Come back tomorrow. 

Uh, who says I have time tomorrow? 

Maybe I’m doing another shoot? 

Well, yeah. 

While you were gone, I was thinking about. 

Opening up to shooting with other photographers. 

I know what I said earlier. 

I’ve decided that maybe other photographers wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 

So what if some of them are perverts? 

At least they’ll stay here with me. 

Oh, this is so not about you. 

Maybe the fact that you think it is means you’re feeling guilty about something. 

I don’t know, maybe you should ask yourself. 

How would I know what you feel guilty about? 

I’m just a friend that you leave behind when you decide shooting her pictures isn’t enough anymore. 

Me no, I’m fine. 

I’m I’m fine. 

Alright, alright alright, I’ll miss you is that what? 

You wanted to hear. 

I know I said I didn’t care if. 

You left and that it would be fine. 

But now you’re about to leave and I’m going to miss you. 

Are you happy? 

Now, you weren’t actually supposed to go. 

Stop smiling like that. 

It’s like. 

I like you or something. 

I’m just used. 

To working with you so it’s comfortable. 

Look, can we just? 

Can we just get back to work? 

Or is there still something that you absolutely must get out of your system? 

There we go. 

I just 

Mean back like this? 

OK, I’m shutting up shutting up. 

Are you getting some good shots? 

Well come on, what is that look? 

That look disapproval you’re giving me. 

OK, well no you’re. 

Looking at the pictures with disapproval, you’re looking at me with concern. 

Oh my God, if you say I. 

******* one more time I’m going to lose it. 

I am not. 

I’m just looking at the camera. 

Nothing, just I’ll try and look less sensual, alright? 

Can we get back to it? 

Oh my God, I am not looking sensual. 

This is just me looking. 

Maybe you’re just really sensitive to it right now, I mean. 

You’ve been gone for a while. 

Maybe you’re just pent up. 

Look, I can’t look any less sensual. 

That’s the most neutral it’ll get. 

Because ’cause that’s just my face. 

No, it is too. 

I don’t care what you think of me, that’s my face. 

I can’t look any less. 

Hungry or whatever. 

No, I can’t. 

Because I’m looking at you alright God, are you happy now? 

You’re going away for so long, and all I can. 

Think of is. 

How good you look and I’m going to miss you and how nice you smell and. 

Look, you’re just the worst. 

Do you know that? 

What are you doing? 

You have to get so close. 

I’ll miss you. 


I never said you smell nice. 

Fine you do. 

You always do just. 

Just kiss me, you idiot. 

No, not like that. 

Like that? 

I guess. 

I guess maybe I do like you. 

We’ve just been friends for so long. 

You always get the best shots and. 

Never in a mean way. 

You’re the only one I can stand looking at my body somedays. 

Usually it annoys me when people stare at me, but. 

When you do it. 

Makes me feel warm. 

It’s like I just want. 

You to grab me and hold me. 

God hands over me. 

You don’t just grab someone like that. 

Come on. 

Oh no, no. 

Please don’t stop. 

Don’t mind these shorts now. 

I have my shirt. 

So far my guess. 

Get your T shirt off to you. 

I want to feel my first kiss. 

My shorts. 

She won’t do them without me. 

God, you’re grilling me so roughly. 

I didn’t tell you to get down. 

On your knees. 

You can’t take my pants off while you OK. 

Kissing me there that’s hello. 

That’s hot. 

**** your tongue. 

God, **** yourself. 

So warm and wet on my ***** 

Ha ha. 

Days that puts everyone wishes they could. 

He just. 

Threw in my hand. 

Yeah, I just wanna pull you closer FXXK 

Need to grind into your face little bit. 

Can you? 

Yes, I’m pushing you back here. 

My turn to get your clothes off that you’re getting set. 

Why would you wear jeans when I’m trying to get it? 

There it. 

Is **** you’re so hard for me already? 

It’s just hard to imagine it would be. 

I got my mouth so well. 

What, no, I haven’t thought of this shut up. 

Oh make you OK. 

How’s that for getting you quiet? 

No, of course. 

You’re adorable in your eyes. 

Roll back like that. 

Such a good boy. 

Oh yeah. 

Oh, you like that good boy? 

You better not think this will change anything. 

I’m still your boss. 

Independent freelancer or whatever. 

**** *** just let me suck your **** 

Come here. 

I didn’t expect it to feel so good between my thighs. 

So warm. 

Hey, I liked being on top. 

That does feel good. 

God yeah, wait on me. 

He kissing my neck is unfair. 

It makes me even wetter. 

You could just slide right in. 

I guess. 

Just like that. 

Move your hips like that. 

Oh, take me please I’m all yours. 

I wanted you so long and now he’s watching me out. 

Ah, **** right stuck. 

Oh God, oh. 

Ah oh. 

Ah, ah ah ah 

Ha ha ha. 

Oh please. 

We need more of this. 

Take me. 

Hold me. 

I really need to click me. 

I’m here if I love you please I love you please just. 

Keep thrusting into me. 

Like this so ******* stupid. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

Ha ha ha ha. 

Like I I. 

Oh **** oh oh oh oh. 

Did I just say Kenya? 

**** oh God. 

Please, it’s OK. 

I mean, I just really want to feel it. 

Thank you for your driving. 

Come and join me, please. 

Come on, come on. 

I can’t leave that up. 

Of course not. 

Goodwill you idiot. 

You can’t just keep. 

Kissing whenever I try and call you an idiot. 

Do you? 

Do you think I could come along? 

I know you’re going to take pictures of nature and fight. 

Maybe you could take some of me too. 

No, no, just for us. 

You know? 

Like a couple. 

Oh God, you heard that? 

I said I love you. 

Because I because I do you idiot. 

I’m fair that you know when that’s going to happen. 

We can do the trip together. 


Besides it. 

And if I come with you, we can do this. 

Much more often. 

I know you’re out there somewhere. 

It’s just that I really need help with something. 

Well, you’ll find out once you come into my room. 

It’s something I can’t come out and show you right now when anyone could be around. 

It’s a very personal thing. 

Hey, thanks for coming in. 

I was worried for a second you wouldn’t. 

Sorry, now I didn’t do this for a joke or anything, it’s just kinda. 

Awkward for me to come out and say it. 

No, please don’t go. 

I really do need your help. 

I just don’t know how to come out. 

And tell you. 

I’m sorry, I’m just trying to build the courage right now to tell you about this problem. 

If I’m going to be honest. 

No one knows about this. 

Not even my closest friends. 

So you can probably see now that’s something really private to me. 

No no no. 

Not like that. 

Don’t worry, I’m not dying or anything, please. 

Don’t make any assumptions about what I’m going to tell you, or else you’re just going to worry yourself. 

Well, the reason why I’m telling you is because. 

We’re family now, after all. 

Of course not blood related. 

But it is as good as a connection I will get. 

I’ve never had a Big Brother before, or any siblings for that matter. 

And so I’ve really felt like I’ve gotten close to you. 

I have an issue. 

And my issue is something that only I can tell you. 

I hope because we have gotten closer over the years that you won’t judge me. 

Or find it weird. 

And I also trust that you would never. 

Tell anyone about this secret that I’ve been keeping inside me. 

I’ve been having to deal with it myself and sometimes I don’t even know what to do with it. 

I’m hoping because. 

You’re older, after all. 

You would be able to. 

I don’t know. 

Give me some advice on how to deal with this. 

Well, I know you will know what to do. 

I know you probably have a lot of experience with this problem. 

And you seem to function fine. 

I need help at this point. 

And you’re the only one that can help me with this. 

You’re the only one I feel comfortable enough to share this with. 

I know I’m I’m sorry again. 

I know you have better things to do than wait around for me to finally open up and tell you. 

Thank you for your understanding bro. 

You’re so kind to me, brother. 

And that is the reason why in the 1st place that I know this is the right time to say this to you. 

Say my secret. 

My secret is that. 

I think you are the best brother in the world and that is why I’m going to tell you that. 

Well, I don’t need to tell you. 

You already noticed before that I only wear skirts and dresses, so instead of me trying to explain this to you. 

I’m just going to show you. 

And I lift my skirt up just like this. 

Yeah, I don’t even need to explain it. 

I have * **** 

I hope you don’t see me differently after this. 

You don’t. 

Really feel. 

You don’t know how many times I played this conversation in my head I was filled with so much anxiety in my stomach and even thinking about this moment and you’re just like. 

Fine with it. 

You don’t even care. 

I knew I could tell you I knew it. 

Thank you so much that bro for listening to me and not judging me. 

You have no. 

Idea how good I feel right now. 

It’s such a big, heavy weight that has just been lifted off from me. 

I’m going to squeeze you so hard right now with a hug. 

I have something else to ask of you. 

You have fun as well, right? 

Maybe not as big as mine. 

Joking, joking. 

I’m not sure about that. 

Anyway, you have years and years of experience. 

With * **** 

Well, as you can see mine. 

Is very erect right now. 

It is a solid as a rock. 

And no matter how many times I push it down, it still pings back up and hits my belly button. 

It is really annoying and frustrating. 

And even when I wake up in the morning. 

It’s the same thing. 

I struggle to even go to the toilet with how big and hard it is. 

How do you deal with it? 

There is a way. 

Can you show me? 

So I held ** **** just like this. 

Move the skin up and down. 

Oh, OK, I’ll try. 

Oh my gosh, lot of stuff coming out of me. 

That’s my break. 

Oh brother, you should have told me. 

Before I did it. 

It’s going to make such a mess. 

But it feels. 

It feels like it’s working. 

I feel with every rap little bit of tension get seized. 

Bye bye. 

The only problem is that my hand is getting really tired. 

I don’t think I can go on. 

This is so frustrating. 

I know I have to keep going to get rid of my erection. 

But I just don’t have the muscle strength to go through. 

With it 

You’ll help me. 

Are you sure you want to? 

Ah, thank you so much. 

Brother, you’re always so strong and have good muscles after all. 

I’m sure you can deal with my problem easily. 

Step bro, you have such a grip on ** **** ***** now it feels nice for someone else to do this. 

I can just sit back and relax. 

Oh, it feels really nice. 

You’re just slowly grabbing hot. 

And making my skin go up and down over my dead. 

I’m a little shy, brother. 

I hope no one can hear my mouth. 

They might think we’re doing something else. 

So this is how it is done. 

After all, I never knew it would. 

That I would feel this good. 

Have I really been missing out on this? 

Look at the mess I’m making. 

It’s going all over your head, brother. 

This is so embarrassing. 

What are we gonna do about this? 

Focus on that. 

I think you can touch it right now. 

Of all the break. 

I’m around it. 

I feel so good. 

Oh my, maybe it will stop the leaking so much onto your hands too. 

Yeah yeah, feel so good step bro. 

Oh yeah. 

Yeah, just like that, yeah, bills look good, your hand is so nice on my tip. 

Thank you for doing this for me. 

Wait wait wait wait. 

What is that feeling it feels like? 

My body is my. 

My body is building up this something like oh like it’s tickling but in a nice way and it’s feeling so good. 

Why you going faster brother? 

What does this mean? 

Is my body OK? 

It means I’m going to. 

Me Oh my God. 

That was what coming is like. 

Brother, I think I got some on your face. 

And look my comments also linked the love of your hands again, and on my bedsheets. 

Ah, I need to wash that as soon as possible before Mom notices. 

Brother, are you really tasting my hey that could be dangerous? 

Don’t try my gum hey? 

It’s not dangerous. 

Ah, thank God. 

Well, at least that is less to clean up then. 

Thank you so much for helping me. 

I feel amazing now. 

Yeah, yeah. 

Such a big tension down there has been eased and I’m going to have such a wonderful sleep tonight. 

Is this what I do in the morning as well then? 

OK, well I can’t wait to try this out and see if I can make myself feel good just as much as you make me feel good after tonight. 

Well goodnight stepbro. 

I’m going to sleep like a sheep tonight. 

Give me your cheek right now. 

There we go. 

Goodnight brother. 

Thank you so much for helping me with my little problem.